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Voyager Supply and Decoration is an apparel supply company that is dedicated to impressive screen printing and top quality embroidery on your required uniforms and merchandise. With over a decade of perfecting our craft, we take our customers through the entire supply and decoration process.

Voyager began as a garage startup and no matter how we much grow, our passion for good work has never changed. Our love for what we do translates to the craftsmanship we provide and we never compromise quality.
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Our Story

Voyager. Est. 2014.

Voyager was established more than 10 years ago in a small garage like many other great enterprises. The company's name reflects it's permanence in the industry and commitment to keeping up with modern adaptations. Voyager quickly expanded to become the go-to branded apparel supplier, screen printing and embroidery shop of Melbourne, Sydney and beyond. Mastering the art of both screen printing and embroidery this is a business that can be relied upon for specified garment supply and decoration expertise.



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