Screen Printing.

The most popular, comfortable and durable method of commercial decoration. Screen printing offers consistent production on high volume orders, soft hand finish and accurate colour matching to perfectly display your artwork on a garment. A multiple quantity of screens must be used if a graphic has multiple colours and contrary to myth a high detailed or photographic image can be screen printed. Want to try a premium finish? Ask us about eco-friendly water based and discharge ink screen printing.

With regards to quantity we require a MOQ (minimum order quantity) for certain artwork. These can be a combination of garments (ie; tshirts, singlets and hoodies) provided that the print is the same size, position and colour.

1 colour

2-3 colours

4+ colours

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DIGITAL Printing.

Heat pressing is a method we use when a garment has multiple layers within a section and cannot be screen printed, or with low quantity orders needing multi coloured logo decoration. Digital prints are the most accurate representation of a logo and are suitable more for jackets, caps and vests. When used for large artworks or logos on the back of layered apparel, you have a premium, impactful design.


Embroidery is the most common decoration method for hard-to-print products such as headwear, jackets and vests. The finish is high-quality, classic and made to last. We match thread colour to logo colours as accurately as possible and match samples to artwork before proceeding with production. Embroidery is less likely to be used on cotton t-shirts and singlets as it would manipulate the cut of the garment and feel less comfortable when wearing against the skin. It is an ideal method of decoration for snapback caps, beanies and above pockets on fronts of polos and jackets. Minimum order quantities apply of 6 or 12 items depending on the order.